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Product Center
1. Characteristics

Nolato 8950 is a conductive silicone rubber.

? A two-component thermal cure silicone filled with conductive Ni/C particles.

? It is used to produce integrated EMI shielding gaskets by dispensing and Trishield 2.0 forming directly on telecom or other industrial components.

? The patented Trishield gasket* offers a triangularly shaped gasket with improved shielding properties.

? Low viscosity offers short cycle times in any dispensing machine.

? Excellent shielding combined with good mechanical properties.

? The aluminium compatible conductive filler offers enhanced galvanic corrosion resistance and stability in severe environments.

? Operating temperatures between -55?C and +125?C.

? Good adhesion to most metal and metallised surfaces.

? Typical gasket height from 1,2 mm and up to about 3 mm.

? Recommended compression between 10 and 50%.

2. Applications

? Nolato 8950 is particularly suitable for low cost production of gaskets on large series of aluminium castings when there is a demand of excellent shielding and an extra soft gasket

? Typical application is dispensed EMI shielding gaskets

3. Processing

Nolato 8950 is a two-component compound of pasty consistency. The component A and B are delivered in 1000 ml cartridges with a shelf life of at least 6 month if stored at –18°C. The components are mixed in a ratio of 1:1 by weight prior to use. The mixed material is dispensed as a bead directly on the component with a standard dispensing machine. The dispensed gasket is given a narrow shape in the Trishield 2.0 forming unit. Curing is done in a hot air oven at 150°C for 30 minutes. For detailed information please refer to the “Mixing and handling instruction”.

4. Product data

* Production of Trishield gaskets requires a license from Nolato. The licence includes rights to produce and market Trishield gaskets and technical support and the special forming unit.

5. Mechanical properties

1 1 MPa = 145 psi 2 1 N/mm = 5,71 lb/in

3 Tested on a 0,8 mm thick gasket adhered to an aluminium substrate with a thickness of 2 mm.

6. Electrical and shielding properties

7. RoHS information

Nolato 8950 fulfils the requirements set by the EU Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS).

8. Safety instructions

Nolato 8950 is according to EU directive 1272/2008 (CLP) classified as harmful, class Xn, due to the content of nickel. Nickel may cause sensitisation by skin contact. It is advisory to never touch the gasket without gloves. A material safety data sheet can be sent on request.

9. Warranty

The data given in this product information should be taken only as a guide and not a specification. Data are based on statistical evaluation on data measured on a number of batches at Nolato.

The recommendations and data given are based on our experience to date, however, no liability can be assumed in connection with their usage and processing.






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